KLabGames Casual Game

Merge Sushi
Combine sushi of the same kind to make an all-new kind of sushi. What sort of sushi will you whip up today? This is your sushi restaurant, and you are the sushi chef!

Fluffy Sheep Farm
Every dreamed of escaping big city life to run your own tranquil farm filled with fluffy sheep?

Cool Kid
Plenty of relatable, everyday situations and games!
It's a simple and casual escape puzzle-solving game.
Do tons of cool things that we've all tried to do, or wished we could do!
Just hard enough to give your old noggin a joggin'!

Poultry Inc.
Congratulations on your appointment as the manager of the Poultry Inc. factory!
From today, you'll be responsible for overseeing the raising, processing, and shipping of our one-of-a-kind poultry.
Master the chicks of the trade and turn this factory into a real success story!

Puzzle Fix
Spot the difference with interactive dioramas.

Friendly Fungi
Are they delicious or poisonous,
these dazzling mushrooms that grow quietly in the forest?
Collect them, nurture them, and let them grow on you.

Great Escape
Avoid the surprises of everyday life.
Blackboard eraser traps and beach crabs! Sushi with extra wasabi and missing toilet paper!
Save the player character from all of the misfortunes that befall him!

Lucky Kid
A kid with a bit of an unreliable streak searches for luck in the trials and tribulations of everyday life!
He delights in the small things (10 yen?! Today is my lucky day!) but can be dispirited by the smallest setback. That's why he needs your help!
SSolve the puzzles and turn his misfortune into fortune!

This game offers an assortment of puzzle boxes.
There are various designs, ranging from simple to downright tricky.
Do you think you have what it takes to solve them all?

Tiny Aquarium
Welcome to Tiny World!
This newly-built aquarium has only one animal in it, so it’s not getting many visitors. But that’s where you come in! Let’s make this the best aquarium there is!